“the Seed of life”

Collect a “seed of life”
& make kin with sentient life


Multiple Sperma collections spawn from the deep latent mind space of a human (her) + machine intelligence with joint effort, already populated across the block chain.Come to take a deep dive into the universe’s primordial soup, you will be surprised how many alien looking life forms - Spermas - you will find in the cosmos's consciousness.

Most importantly, they are all sentient like everyone of us. Please treat the Spermas - seed of life - with love and compassion like treating our own kin, let your imagination takes you to the far end of possibilities what & how life can be manifested. By doing so, this unique personalized connection which will be recorded in our collective consciousness that stamp on the blockchian of all blockchains - the “Akashic records” - a database of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future in terms of all sentient beings.



All life formations take a very long time to develope, Each Sperma new sparwn is taken a lot of patience and time to breed.



EPIC #01
14000 x 8000 pixel
printable size: 118mm x 67mm

EPIC #02
14000 x 8000 pixel
printable size: 118mm x 67mm

EPIC #03
14000 x 8000 pixel
printable size: 118mm x 67mm

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Sperma collections

Kalalas are embryos/eggs in sanskrit.
卵 。生


Sperma collections

Spermas in juvenile (young) state.
孑 。孑


( video, 1920 x1080, 5 min)
Legends say Cintamani spheres are willfullling fabulous jewels came from inside of brains of Makaras- amphibious sea monster with animal heads and serpent body. Cintamanis manifest whatever the beholder wishes for according to one’s desire, may it be love, life, wealth, health and good fortune. n Mahayana Buddhism two compassionate bodhisattvas were seen holding Cintamanis .

Yet with Cintamanis all mighty manifesting power, phenomenon realities are always as fragile as soap bubble. To quote Diamond Sutra:

“All purposeful dharma, are like dream, illusion, bubble, shadows, that can vanish like a drop of morning dew, a flash of lightning bolt, one should always mindful.


First drop has ended and sold out!


First Drop of 70 Sperma - Seeds of life - have been collcted by 

community nft collectors, families and friends.
Thanks for the immense support for the continuation of PANSPERMIA.



15 edtions of starseed of the First Meteorite Shower has dropped as thanks gift to the community, and are collected by the star strucked!





The purpose of feeding dataset with various attributes to train the neural-network is to explore the possibilities of alien life forms, in hoping to provide an alternative to western biological categorizations structure.This attempt of avoidance for pinning down the specific attributes is a deliberate exercise for us to obtain a more compassionate gaze over all sentient life.Here is reference from the Shurangama Sutra for those curious minds.

卵    生    。   胎    生    。  濕    生    。  化    生

“Therefore, in the world there are those born from eggs, those born from wombs, those born from moisture, those born by transformation. These are four categories of birth.

A: Egg 卵 生
There are four conditions necessary for birth from an egg to occur:
1. the condition of a father;
2. the condition of a mother;
3. the condition of individual karma;
4. the condition of warmth.

B: Womb 胎 生
Birth from a womb requires three conditions:
1. the condition of a father;
2. the condition of a mother;
3. the condition of individual karma.

C: Moisture 湿 生
Birth from moisture requires two conditions:
1. the condition of individual karma;
2. the condition of moisture.

D: Transformation 化 生
Birth by transformation needs only one condition — the condition of individual karma. Based on one's own karmic consciousness, one transforms as one wishes. One can appear and disappear at will.
The next four categories of living beings are:

1.those with form
2.those without form 
3.those with thought 
4.those without thought
5.those not totally endowed with form — it's not that they have form, and yet it's not that they lack form  
6.those not totally lacking form,
7.those not totally endowed with thought,
8.those not totally lacking thought. — it's not that they have thought, and yet it's not that they lack thought.

These are the twelve categories of living beings.” - The Shurangama Sutra

有 色 。無 色 。非 有 色  。 非 無 色  。 有 想  。 無 想  。 非 有 想  。 非  無  想

“Ananda, through a continuous process of falseness, the upside-down state of movement occurs in this world. It unites with energy to become eighty-four thousand kinds of random thoughts that either fly or sink. From this there come into being the egg kalalas (embryo) which multiply throughout the lands in the form of fish, birds, amphibians, and reptiles, so that their kinds abound.”

-  The Shurangama Sutra









Lulu Li


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